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Colleague H has a penguin on her desk - one of those stress-buster toy things. Normally it's facing towards Colleague H, so I usually only see its back. But for some reason said beast (the penguin, not Colleague H) is facing me this morning. It has slightly disturbing eyes, and somehow I think I'm going to end up blinking before it does...

In other news, ow: I twinged my back yesterday morning, and it stiffened up quite a bit through the day (as, probably, it would given that I seem to spend a large part of the working day sitting like a sack of potatoes in this chair). So I decided I'd walk in this morning, which started off OK, but got harder work as I progressed. But I made it in.

Not actually at work today (present presence excepted), since we're scheduled to be on an 'Away Day' at some mock castle thingy nearby for team-building purposes. Rumour has it that one of the team building activities will be collective Wii bowling. Am reminding myself to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude. Honest.
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