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Standing in a gradually rising puddle whilst having this morning's shower convinced me that the drain needed clearing out in the yard. This is not a fun job, and despite my best efforts at trying to separate grungy water from fox, there was some cross-contamination, which I was less than thrilled about.

The problem is that the drain itself has a plastic 6"x6" cover that sits in a recessed square in the concrete... unless a curious hound sees it. For some reason, Mali takes an active dislike to the plastic inserts being in the drainage channels, so he flips them up with his paw, and then carries them across the yard to put them down. He doesn't chew them(!), he just feels that the yard is more aesthetically pleasing sans drainage grates.

What then happens is that rubbish and the like that blows into the yard flutters down the opened gulleys, resulting in me pulling out plastic bags and chocolate bar wrappers that have been blocking the channel.

Flow is somewhat improved, but I'm going to have to come up with a more long term solution - ideally, I'd like to find some metal grids, in the hope that they'd be sufficiently heavy to resist canine interference. Otherwise, I might try and screw down some wire mesh across the top, to make them fully tamper-proof.
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