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Oct. 21st, 2017 08:02 pm
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Another import, but there's only one entry from the last 2 weeks that didn't go up on DW first:

- Oct 15: 2 week roundup, and Kairos meme: 5 favorite genres
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Participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Fretting over your Yuletide assignment or some other fic exchange? Is your Muse wibbling over the prospect of actually producing words? Come and join [community profile] ushobwri for our annual November Social (NoSo)! If you were ever a member of [profile] wrisomifu ("Write Something, Miserable Fuck!") in past years, before that comm closed, you know exactly what NoSo is about: a group of fellow writers checking in daily to talk about progress, to support each other, to admire, encourage, and talk about all the things that makes us tick as writers. Whether you're a MiFu/NoSo veteran or have never joined a writer's comm before, we heartily invite you to come join us now! The more the merrier - all writers, whether your goal for November is 3000 words a day or 30, are welcome.

Any questions? Just ask me! :-D

And if you don't currently have a writing project but want some inspiration, here are some comms recommended by the ever-amazing [personal profile] brumeier:

[community profile] mini_wrimo can help make sure you get some writing in every day, with a 100 word daily minimum and daily check-ins. Sign-ups end on October 30th, so don’t wait!

[community profile] fan_flashworks is a multi-fandom community that offers up a new themed challenge every ten days or thereabouts. You can fill the prompts with fic, art, macramé…whatever gets your creative juices flowing. Bonus: you can earn achievement badges!

[community profile] comment_fic has daily prompts based on a different theme each day, Monday through Friday, with a free-for-all on Saturdays. No fills are too big or too small! (Spoiler: I will be hosting the week of October 23rd.)

[community profile] fic_promptly also has daily prompts based on a different theme each day. New themes are put up Monday through Thursday, with a free-for-all on Fridays. You can leave prompts, fill prompts, or throw caution to the wind and do both!

[community profile] story_works has the Stargate Atlantis A Day in the Life Challenge running until November 12th. No minimum word requirements! They also have multi-fandom challenges throughout the year, so join the community now. You don’t want to miss anything good!

[community profile] whatif_au runs a multifandom monthly AU challenge. There are no deadlines or minimum requirements, just people who love AUs sharing fic and art and anything else they want to! Discussion posts go up every Saturday related to that month’s topic. (Spoiler: November will be a Magic AU, as voted by members.)
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45. Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows -- so I've been vaguely aware of this book and sort of avoiding it, until [personal profile] isis/[livejournal.com profile] isiscolo started reading them, and I found myself intrigued by the description of a layering of backstories and caper plot, gritty and complex characters, and a writing style with a lot of tagless dialogue, sparse on adverbs and adjectives but still strong on flavor. All of this sounded fairly Vlad Taltos-y to me, so waiting for Vallista to drop seemed like the perfect time to try it. Ultimately, it ended up reminding me more of a different book (more on which below), but I ended up enjoying it anyway -- and it was gripping enough in the reading that I missed my return commute stop once, and nearly missed it a few more times, and then lay in bed until I finished the book, which doesn't happen to me very often. (Damn cliffhangerish ending, though!)

I've been aware of Bardugo's Grisha trilogy books for a while, and assiduously avoiding them since I checked out some very basic Goodreads reviews and discovered the fake-Russian was going to be AWFUL for me (pro tip: If you're going to play with Russian last names, the -ov ending is masculine, and the -ova ending is feminine. "Alina Starkov" and especially "Aleksander Morozova" (or "Ilya Morozova") is INCREDIBLY grating, and also REALLY EASY to avoid with a quick beta check. I mean, seriously, Russian speakers are not extinct and do use the internet -- imagine! And don't pick names randomly off the census lists, maybe? At least not in gendered languages. Like, maybe there's even an in-universe reason for this? but I'm never going to read it, because you've lost me at the blurb.) BUT ANYWAY, once I was reassured that Six of Crows (which is a kickass title btw) was set not in !Russia but in !Amsterdam, I felt much more confident giving it a shot. There is a major !Russian character in this book, and some more minor ones, but fortunately she had a decently plausible name, and was also a pretty great character, although not noticeably Russian in any ways that were discernible to me (the way, say, Varvara Sidorovna in RoL is). There is still some fake-Russian mumbo-jumbo built into the fabric of the worldbuilding, but I could mostly ignore that. More, with spoilers )

44. Steven Brust, Tiassa (reread) -- part of my semi-accidental reread to lead up to the Vallista release. I ended up liking the first part (early Vlad), which was my favorite the first time around, less, and the ambigious-POV part 2 more, and still rather ground to a halt on the Paarfi section. I keep forgetting how little I actually enjoy reading Paarfi-prose, because I do enjoy a lot of the things that happen in the Paarfi books, but, gah, it was such a relief to go back to Vlad narration in the epilogue. Also, when I first heard about it, I didn't subscribe to the theory that spoilers )

46. Steven Brust, Vallista -- par for the course, I finished it in less than 24 hours (and what am I going to do now, until Taslmoth comes out?) Once I learned that Vallista was going to be a gothic, that both felt very fitting (duh, of course the Vallista book would have a building-as-character at its center!) and also made me apprehensive, because I just don't care for gothics as such. I needn't have worried, because it's Vlad, and it was both very gothicy and not overwrought in the way that turns me off actual gothics. I liked it! And it's a really clever book, thematically, and there are probably also construction bits I'll notice on rereads. It didn't leave me wanting to know what happens next (because what happens next is Hawk), and it didn't leave me wanting more of the same, which also happens a lot with Vlad books for me. It just felt... complete, which also seems fitting for the Vallista book. But I keep thinking about it and coming to new realizations as I do, which is really neat. I want to write my initial impressions down before I go looking to see what mailing list or chat people are saying (assuming anyone is saying anything anywhere :P), but I'm sure bits of this one will be dropping into place for me for a long time. SPOILERS from here! )

And a Vlad link: SKZB on Vlad reading order. The interesting thing to me is the idea that, once complete, reading in Cycle order will be another possibility. Presumably starting with Dragon (after Taltos) rather than Phoenix, but it would go Dragon, [Lyorn], Tiassa, Hawk, Dzur, Issola, [Tsalmoth], Vallista, Jhereg, Iorich, [Chreotha], Yendi, Orca, Teckla, Jhegaala, Athyra, Phoenix. This is an interesting idea. I can see how some successions would work -- Tiassa-Hawk is publication order, Hawk-Dzur could be fun, Vallista-Jhereg is a bit backwards but both have the reincarnation thing, Jhereg-Iorich is a very nice order, Yendi-Orca I can see, and Teckla-Jhegaala-Athyra makes for a super-depressing triad but actually make a fair bit of sense. The only thing I can't really wrap my brain around is reading Dzur and THEN Issola.


And two fic recs from Crossovering:

- Winterfell Tales (Vorkosigan Saga/Game of Thrones crossover, 2.6k, T), Miles and Ekaterin find themselves in Westeros and meet Sansa and Tyrion. This is a crossover I've wanted to see for ages, and it was a lovely take on it.

- The Start of a Long Summer (AtLA/Narnia, 1.7k, gen), a young Azula steps through the wardrobe. And this is a crossover I had no idea I wanted to see, but marvelously done!

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Oct. 14th, 2017 01:53 pm
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My life is out of balance right now, what with the various fire complexes just over the hill and an old friend of mine dying today. I've spent most of this week keeping the radio station's FB page updated with every smidgen of "real" news I can find, until I'm done. You know that feeling, the one where you realize you've nothing else to add? Well, I'm there. Then came all the hints that our friend had passed away this morning. I understand shock, but if you can't just type out the words that he died, then go back to your shock, call your friends, and take care of yourself. The vaguebooking causes way more anxiety than you've any clue. I had to PM one of the vaguebookers to find out what was going on, which caused him more stress that flopped onto me. Yes, this is me stressing. #fuckcancer

Fires to the east and south of me, death to the east, and relentless blue skies above. Okay, I get the hint. Life goes on.

Not all tears are an evil

Oct. 13th, 2017 11:16 pm
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I have fallen into a mini-spiral of A-Ha Unplugged videos which isn't a thing I ever expected to say but this version of Take On Me is almost unbearably beautiful.

(It was the funeral today and then I went back to work for the afternoon and consequently I'm in a slightly odd mood)

Yesterday I went to Kew and braved the Treetop Walkway, explored their Artful Autumn installations and Sculpture at Kew as well as taking approximately 8 million pictures of leaves and trees and bark...

Leap into Life by Tim Hollins

A few favourite photographs )

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Oct. 11th, 2017 09:46 pm
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it's all feeling a bit apocalyptic right now...
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Gacked from [personal profile] irreparable and [personal profile] hamsterwoman.

Things you may have done, had, traveled to, etc etc )

I had today off - no subbing, no volunteering - which I desperately needed. A three-day weekend is NOT a break for moms :-P and I was desperate for a little downtime. I caught up on a little stuff online, took a 2.5 hour nap, got groceries, low-key things like that.

I also finished reading The Raven King. Thoughts under here )

As a whole I really REALLY loved this series, despite my quibbles. Thank you to [personal profile] hamsterwoman for introducing me to it. And I need me some good Adam/Ronan fic now, and possibly some good Blue/Gansey fic. (Is she allowed to kiss him without killing him now? And, incidentally, did Cabeswater remake Gansey so he's no longer allergic to wasps?)

The Week(e)nd

Oct. 10th, 2017 10:53 pm
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I hope all of you in CA will remain safe. <3

Let's see: destructive fires, massive earthquakes, devastating hurricanes, mass shootings, trash talking with nuclear-weapon-wielding despots ... did I miss anything? >_<

Fairly nondescript weekend, although I did kick my legs out from under myself on Saturday at tkd class, trying to do a kick that my PA tkd school didn't like so I'd never done it until 2 weeks ago. Landed flat on my back, essentially unhurt, but I had minor whiplash pain in my neck Sun-Mon. MiniPlu volunteered at a color run (where they throw colored chalk at you as you pass by) - she did this last year and had a great time, but this year they stuck her and her friend on bounce-house-minding duty, instead of chalk duty. The region where the race was has a reputation for rich brats and, sure enough, MiniPlu came home in a towering rage at the horrible children she'd had to deal with for several hours, while their moms stood around, noses in phones, and did nothing. Our church had their first-ever doggie-themed picnic/bbq thing - low-key and casual, but it was nice to take Jade on a field trip, so to speak, and the animals were all blessed by our priest. (We told Jade this means we expect her to be positively angelic from now on.)

Also on Saturday, I was pulled over by a cop and politely informed that my car was out of registration )

Otherwise, yes, weekend was fine. Ran a bunch of errands, kids and I got our flu shots, slogged through exhaustion yesterday (Mon) morning - I was awake from 7:40a-9a, went back to bed in lieu of running, got up again at 10:30a, dragged my feet until finally going to the kitchen to make caramel for the apple pie I'd baked the night before, and pumpkin chocolate-chip bread to take to school today. And only around 12:15p did I finally get around to the treadmill.

Will and I seem to be taking turns being mopey and depressed. I suppose it's better than both struggling at the same time, but it means not a lot of joy going around, you know?

So here, have a smile: how to put peanut butter on bread in five easy steps, none of which involve just using a knife. :P

Yuletide assignments are out! I am cautiously optimistic about my assignment. It definitely bears a lot of further thought, but I really hope I can have fun with it. Anyone else on my flist participating in Yuletide this year?

Speaking of fandoms, here's the rest of the 'shipping meme, gacked from [profile] thesmallhobbit: Would you ship them in a box? Would you ship them with a fox? )

And, as usual, I need to go fall on my face now.

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Oct. 10th, 2017 02:59 pm
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We are not threatened by the many, many NorCal fires raging at this very minute. Some of our friends are, and this being a major firestorm, they are not reachable. Cell repeaters melted, phone lines down, I spent a fair chunk of yesterday trying to get through to three people with no luck at all. This morning, via the wonders of FB, a mutual friend reported that they and their seven or so cats are all fine. Can't talk smack about FB, when it's the only way you can find out if someone's still alive.

Our air quality is awful. Yesterday, the sun was blood red, the sky was yellow and gray, and my sinuses packed full of ash. I didn't realize what was going on, when I and my beloved first enormous cup of coffee meandered into my office, only to discover that everything was coated with a thin layer of ash. You can tell the places considered essential, as they've been brushed or wiped clean, unlike my guest chair, the floor, and the elliptical.

However, we are fine. We have power, which means we have water. I've been following the fires in my county and next two over obsessively. The images from our nearest large city, Santa Rosa, look like a war zone. Whole neighborhoods burned to twisted metal and crumbled concrete, next to untouched lines of conifers. The county east of us had the oddest shots of charred-to-barren ground leading to burnt-to-pilings wharves. It's been impressive to watch our neighbors organize aid. The animal welfare groups were the fastest, reaching out via social networking and direct emails (and probably phone calls, too) to get animal shelters emptied and moved to safer places, while the horse people screamed for trailers and hay. People are trickier, as many ignore logic and reason to rush back to try to save whatever they can from their engulfed homes.

My priorities have changed since we went through something similar in '08 as well as when we lived in the SF Bay Area during the Oakland Fires. During the Oakland Fires, we could see the glow and flicker. Our area had been alerted that maybe we might possibly have to evacuate, so we had plenty of time to think about what we'd take. The dogs, of course, and their essentials, clothes and meds for us, and since we'd take two cars.... With a full-sized truck and a large van, we could have theoretically taken a ton of stuff. In '08, with a major fire just over the ridge, the list had shrunk down to dogs, our CPUs, and absolute essentials. Now, since my computer has Carbonite backing it up, my personal list is Trouble, her food, clothes, id, camera, passport, and contact lens gorp. I suspect that everything would fit in a grab-and-go bag. I hope to never have to test that theory.
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Continuing on with the memes:

Kairos 30 Days Meme: Four favorite comic books

4. Nimona )
3. Saga )
2. Sandman )
1. Watchmen )

Honorable mentions: Maus, The Wicked + the Divine, Pride of Baghdad, Gunnerkrigg Court )


The rest of the Character Roulette meme (for now):

1. Cordelia Chase (BtVS)
2. Morrolan e'Drien (Dragaera)
3. Sherlock Holmes (BBC's Sherlock)
4. Azula (AtLA)
5. Elliot Schafer (In Othe Lands)
6. Vlad Taltos (Dragaera)
7. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
8. James Hathaway (Inspector Lewis)
9. Ivan Vorpatril (Vorkosigan Saga)
10. Susan Ivanova (Babylon 5)
11. Thomas Raith (Dresden Files)
12. Peter Grant (Rivers of London)
13. James T. Kirk (AOS)
14. Shuos Mikodez (Hexarchate/Machineries of Empire)
15. Zoe Washburne (Firefly)

Questions and answers: 46 - 88 )

Dear Yuletide Author

Oct. 8th, 2017 10:48 pm
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Well I wasn't going to but then that felt too weird so this is a placeholder for my letter...

Dear Yuletide Author,

To start with- please don't worry, I am really very easily pleased and several of my requests are properly tiny fandoms where I'd be hapy to receive ANY story even if you can't stay within my visions for the characters.

I'm not a big fan of overly marshmallow-y fluff type stories. Happy stories and in love stories or happy ending stories are all fine but I'd like there to be some kind of conflict or edge to show off the happiness. That said if it's set anywhere near Christmas my liking for fluff goes up hugely *g* When it comes to angst I'm particularly fond of the yearning wistful kind (with our without the resolution)

My requests this year are (as always) quite mixed, in the end I'm mostly interested in relationships between people and although I am a slash fan het, slash or gen are all good with me.

Oh and I always love a good Christmas/Yule/Hogmany theme though it isn't at all mandatory (or necessary)

My fandom specific requests/details )
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Hello Yuletide gift-giver!

I am so happy we matched! Yuletide is just greatness, and the single greatest thing is that other people love my tiny fandoms too. It's awesome. Thankyou for being that person, whoever you are!

Now, I personally always want to hear more about my recipient. If you are not somebody who goes looking for optional details, then that's totally fine! Please go ahead and do your thing! If you have a story of your heart in one of these fandoms, that'll be wonderful. I want that story! Go for it! Stop reading now! But I suspect most of us do in fact want more info. And for that purpose, here is some stuff!

me as a reader )

And my specific requests:

Lynes and Mathey series )

Star Trek: Discovery )

Think of England )

The Good Place )

Thanks again, amazing Yuletide gift-giver, and have fun!

Books, elephants & not enough time

Oct. 8th, 2017 08:05 pm
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Another month it took me a while to get going in. Time is moving altogether too fast and life is altogether too busy and complicated to allow for any self reflection at the moment even if it's just about reading habits!

Too busy for reading too if the number of books I read is anything to go by... though actually it's more that the first book took forever and I was stubborn and insisted on finishing it rather than moving on when I realised I wasn't entirely enjoying it.
  • London Overground: A Day's Walk Around the Ginger Line - Iain Sinclair
  • Ironhand - Charlie Fletcher
  • The Paper Menagerie and other stories - Ken Liu
  • Prejudice & Pride: Celebrating LGBTQ History - Alison Oram & Matt Cook

September Reviews )

Last week I worked 7 days in a row but I didn't actually notice until the 7th day because I've been chopping my mental calendar up into weeks and not really looking between them much which is a mistake when you do things like accidentally work 7 days in a row OR, like next weekend, agree to cover something at 8am on a Sunday morning when you're going to a late night concert in London on the Saturday (oops?)

Anyway anytime I feel sorry for myself or too tired I just remind myself that my sister is currently walking to Jerusalem AND HAS SHINGLES /o\ I really don't know how she's doing it. Their latest blog entry is great fun though and involves an old school SimCity reference <3

Anyway tomorrow is relatively quiet other than having to cut up 20 milk bottles to make elephants and I can do that whilst watching TV so that'll be nice :-P


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