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Just back from the docs' for blood tests. I am, I'm informed, somewhat difficult to get blood out of, and I informed the nurse of this as I started to roll up my sleeve.

Nurse: Nonsense! Let's have a look.


*nurse taps skin optimistically*

Nurse: Can we try the other arm?

*[personal profile] slowfox rolls up other sleeve*

*Nurse ponders. taps new arm. Ponders some more*

*Nurse swaps to original arm (left)*

*[personal profile] slowfox apologises*

*Nurse swaps again to go for the new(er) choice of right arm*

*stabbity stabbity stab*

They need three samples for the various tests. Two samples fine, but I'd all but dried up by the third tube. Test concluded with me buttoning up my cuffs whilst the nurse experimentally wiggled the test tube back and forth, expressing hope that there'd be enough blood there for the lab to work with: I'd guesstimate that, compared to the first two samples, the third tube's sample was about 15% of their volume.

Anyway, with this, no news is Good News. So silence is hoped for.
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