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Jan. 29th, 2010 08:16 am
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I drove in today - normally, of course, I walk, but I'm still feeling pretty flaky, and I also wanted to take a detour via the Sorting Office to double-check that a missing eBay purchase wasn't languishing in the Royal Mail's dungeons sans Castle Fox notification card.

It wasn't :-/ So I'm chasing up the eBay seller at the moment. Joy.

I finished watching Edge of Darkness last night - good, good stuff from the 80s; quality drama, good storyline, excellent acting, but perhaps a little slow-paced compared to today's fare. On the other hand, I had a great time geeking out over all those 80s cars. The music is an Eric Clapton/Michael Kamen combo, and those two brought in David Sandborn to do the soundtrack to the first of the Lethal Weapons. The wheel turns full circle when you note that Mel Gibson was the star of Lethal Weapon, and he's again the star of the Edge of Darkness remake being released this year.

I've also just finished reading (well, actually, listening) to Cory Doctorow's Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, mainly because that's the current discussion book for the Sword and Laser podcast. It had some nice touches, although I have to confess that I suspected whodunnit rather early on (perhaps as a consequence of the book's rather limited cast). Still, some interesting stuff therein, particularly about the psychology of a post-death society, and in a world of near-infinite resource, how they get around the money problem.
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OK, I'm back again.

No, really; I'm properly better this time.


I lasted approximately half an hour on Monday before I succumbed to the inevitable and headed back to Castle Fox. I had, honestly, felt OK first thing Monday, y'see, but by the time I got home all I could do was go back to bed.

So I took that as a guide for Tuesday, when I woke up feeling groggy, that I shouldn't even try to wend my way here. Yesterday, however, was less clear-cut... I didn't feel great at 6am, but I didn't feel terrible either. But I stayed off, figuring that I didn't want to repeat Monday's charade. As it happens, I felt mostly OK all day - somewhat lethargic, which is to be expected, but it was enough of a cue to ensure that I came in today.

What I came back to was a cardboard replacement of myself occupying my chair - Colleague J's hand was in this, I suspect, given the fez adorning cardboard!me's head, and I was touched by the three post-it notes that denoted the happy, smiling face.

I also came back to a whole stack of email, and five days' backlog of broken promises and other things... I've been spectacularly unproductive during the week's absence. A couple of times I tried sketching out some work stuff, but I couldn't maintain the interest or the enthusiasm (despite the guilt) to do so. So I'm behind, and about to start trying to catch up...
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Back at work, after what turned out to be a pretty mild case of 'flu, if my previous experience is anything to go by. Mostly better now, although I have some freshly brewed lemsip on the desk to try and keep me functional for the rest of the day.

Anyway, thanks to all for the good wishes and stuff - Castle Fox was offline for the duration, which means that this is the first chance I've had to check back in on Dreamwidth. The ISP thing is something I'll have to sort out eventually, but I wasn't really feeling up to it (or anything, really) just then.

Right now I'm slightly perturbed by the fact that Outlook is projecting that it's going to take 13 minutes to update my Inbox with the emails from Thursday. That doesn't bode well.
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Blech. Staying at home today, afflicted by 'flu-like symptoms that came on suddenly Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and got progressively worse throughout yesterday. It ticks all the boxes on the NHS' website concerning Swine Flu, but since I've had 'flu proper, and that was unbelievably awful (I was hallucinating), I hesitate to self-diagnose so.

Anyway, I'm about to crawl back to bed (Mali having had his first walk of the day), and hopefully I'll be feeling somewhat better soon enough.
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After lunch with [personal profile] cynthia_black yesterday, I got back into work only for parts of my vision to start dropping out... the critical, dead-centre parts, naturally, and with such migraines, experience has taught me that all I can do is go for a forced reboot, and crawl into bed.

So I came home, walked Mali, and was in bed by 4pm. Although I got up a few times, and let Mali out into the yard for good measure, I didn't get up properly until 6.30 this morning, feeling mostly better, but still a bit woozy.

As a result, I've avoided the PC until this evening, hence the slightly odd update time for this post.

The migraine threw a few things out, actually - aside from missing an afternoon's work, I also had to postpone a vets' appointment for Mali (kennel cough vaccination - been and done this afternoon instead), and had to put off picking P up from the Farm, too :-/

I also had a plumber returning to look at a leak under the sink - the stopcock got replaced last week, and now, by the power of PFTE tape, I think I've finally reclaimed use of the undersink cupboard. Which is nice.

Anyway, because the plumber had fixed the time as 'Saturday morning', and I had a vets' appointment for Mali at 2.30pm (the only available slot I could shift to from Friday at such short notice), that meant I couldn't reliably pick P up any earlier than 5.

It snowed a little, the last couple of days - this is always bad news around the Dukeries, because the snow compacts, converts to slush, then freezes, and the roads become ice-rinks. The drive up to the Farm gets better once we're onto the main arterial routes through Hull, but once onto the winding roads past Beverley, conditions got just a little slippery once again, and I could feel the car squirming around as we pootled rather gingerly along.

Not pootling fast enough for the BMW (what else?) driver, who roared past on the return flit, though.

By the time we got back to Castle Fox, the Snow Proper started to fall - we don't get much of the stuff, so when it does fall (and, more importantly, settle), it's a Big Thing. More amusingly, Mali turns into a sort of inverse dalmatian when we're out walking in it - the flakes creating white spots on the predominantly black coat.
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I gave serious thought, first thing (like, 4.30am first thing) to not getting up and staying in bed all day. However, by the time the alarm went off at 5.51am (I don't like round numbers on alarms), I was feeling slightly better, and the ear-ache, in particular, had started to subside.

Besides, Mali wouldn't have been too impressed if I'd failed to surface (although I'm sure P would have coped, somehow).

It's been a fairly mundane Sunday - although I've been trying to avoid heading into town these last few weekends-before-Christmas, ex had asked me to pick up a Debenhams gift voucher, so we did indeed set forth and brave the... well, masses might be overstating it. I'm not saying that town was quiet, exactly, but it certainly wasn't heaving.

A queue jumper nearly came to blows with me in Debenhams, actually - we'd picked up the gift cardlet thing, and were queueing, as one does, at the 'please queue here' sign, waiting for an available cashier, when this middle-aged woman steamed straight past, to stand immediately behind the person being served, looking impatient.

A second till opened up, and the woman called out 'next, please,', at which point the afore-mentioned queue-jumper thrust her stuff onto the counter, and *gold star moment*, the shop clerk said 'actually, I think the gentleman was first.'

"No he wasn't," snapped the woman, which proved the trigger for me getting involved.

"Actually," quoth I, "I was. But don't mind me, you go on ahead..."

I was really good, honest, and tried not to let the 'don't mind me' sound very sarcastic.

Anyway, that really got my adversary's back up, but a third clerk, evidently sensing a storm brewing, stepped into the breach and opened up a third till just for me.

But man, was the queue-jumping woman not happy: she was chuntering away at the poor sales assistant who'd initially hesitated at serving her, and she was avowedly not looking in my direction at all.

Tired now. Work tomorrow. Blech.
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Colleague H has a penguin on her desk - one of those stress-buster toy things. Normally it's facing towards Colleague H, so I usually only see its back. But for some reason said beast (the penguin, not Colleague H) is facing me this morning. It has slightly disturbing eyes, and somehow I think I'm going to end up blinking before it does...

In other news, ow: I twinged my back yesterday morning, and it stiffened up quite a bit through the day (as, probably, it would given that I seem to spend a large part of the working day sitting like a sack of potatoes in this chair). So I decided I'd walk in this morning, which started off OK, but got harder work as I progressed. But I made it in.

Not actually at work today (present presence excepted), since we're scheduled to be on an 'Away Day' at some mock castle thingy nearby for team-building purposes. Rumour has it that one of the team building activities will be collective Wii bowling. Am reminding myself to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude. Honest.
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Just back from the docs' for blood tests. I am, I'm informed, somewhat difficult to get blood out of, and I informed the nurse of this as I started to roll up my sleeve.

Nurse: Nonsense! Let's have a look.


*nurse taps skin optimistically*

Nurse: Can we try the other arm?

*[personal profile] slowfox rolls up other sleeve*

*Nurse ponders. taps new arm. Ponders some more*

*Nurse swaps to original arm (left)*

*[personal profile] slowfox apologises*

*Nurse swaps again to go for the new(er) choice of right arm*

*stabbity stabbity stab*

They need three samples for the various tests. Two samples fine, but I'd all but dried up by the third tube. Test concluded with me buttoning up my cuffs whilst the nurse experimentally wiggled the test tube back and forth, expressing hope that there'd be enough blood there for the lab to work with: I'd guesstimate that, compared to the first two samples, the third tube's sample was about 15% of their volume.

Anyway, with this, no news is Good News. So silence is hoped for.


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