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It's 3pm and it's dark out there - and wet, too :-/

P & I have just returned from a mission to a deli in Beverley where I'd ordered a Christmas hamper for the parental units. Long-term readers may suspect that I'm singularly ill-equipped to judge the quality of a foodie's hamper as a present... and they'd be right, but I figure even if I have, by some stroke of misfortune, managed to duplicate existing beverages and/or consumables in the parental abode, they'll still get used eventually, right? And it looks impressive. Have also got some DVDs and books for them, so I think I'll be calling it a day/week/month/year on present buying on that front, at least.

Comradette K got me into the Morganville Vampires books by Rachel Caine by lending me the first two instalments. I, in turn, suggested to [personal profile] cynthia_black that [personal profile] aki_itsuki might enjoy them, given her prediliction for things vampish, and it so happens that she's now reading them faster than I am. Which means that book 3 has been borrowed from Grimmauld Place, rather than Comradette K's library shelves. 's all good, either way: actually, Book III is proving to be quite fun (it's notable that both Oliver and Monica have both commented to Claire that she's now a proper player in Morganville, as a consequence of her derrings do in tomes previous), and is more than compensating for the suspicion that Book 2 didn't quite have the same 'zing' about it as the opener).

I started a new gamer profile on the 360 - RedDogFever (you have to pick a unique gamer tag, and I chose that because, hey, what were the odds of it already having been claimed? Absolutely), and have thus set about building up my gamer score through the noble art of Achievement Hunting on Braid and Geometry Wars, principally. We've also picked up Defense Grid, a Tower Defen(c/s)e game that's rather addictive, although the achievements on offer in that look as though they're going to take a lot of playing hours. The 'proper' discs at Castle Fox (the aforementioned all being XBox Live Arcade titles downloaded to the hard disk) are Forza 3 and Assassin's Creed II. I've made a start on the former, but I think it's the latter that's going to be taking up my evenings when I'm not Wired.

Speaking of The Wire, the h264 rip of 1x01, courtesy of Badaboom player rather nicely (albeit with a 'watermark' bottom left that I'm hoping the full version dispenses with). What was more noticable, though, was that I was able to understand a little more of the witness speech when he was talking to McNulty in the opening scene...

And finally, I got my hair cut yesterday.

Your hairdresser probably showers naked, too.

Date: 2009-12-13 09:24 pm (UTC)
linaelyn: (Default)
From: [personal profile] linaelyn
Thank you. I'm going to steal the Christmas Hamper idea for my own parental units. I have soem other items for them, but it was feeling a little sparse. I can easily put together something like that myself, and have it be welcomed.

Your posts re: h264 are being read with careful attention, here at our Casa. I've got years of home movies to cross-archive and it would be lovely to be able to play them on the big screen PS3 in the living room.

Date: 2009-12-13 10:42 pm (UTC)
aome: (christmas tree)
From: [personal profile] aome
What sorts of things go into a British Christmas hamper?

Date: 2009-12-14 11:18 am (UTC)
aome: (christmas tree)
From: [personal profile] aome
Jam and jelly are technically different things to us, although they are sometimes used interchangeably. Jam has bits of fruit still in it, whereas jelly is strained and clearer, if that makes sense. I think "jelly" to you is the dessert we call Jell-O?

Date: 2009-12-14 11:15 pm (UTC)
cynthia_black: (Default)
From: [personal profile] cynthia_black
So go on - tell the story connected with teh title :-D


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