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Following on from Thursday's post about 'GodMode' in Windows 7, in transpires that
  • a: the name of the folder doesn't matter, it's the extension that does the trick

  • b: there's a whole host of 'GodMode' extensions that do different things.

However, in one of those early nomenclature designation things, I strongly suspect that whatever technical term Microsoft have for these codes, they'll forever now be labelled 'GodMode'. has the list of codes, although I haven't had either the time nor, truthfully, the inclination to test them out to see what they do. Perhaps in an idle moment somewhen...

In other news, still snowy in Hull.
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I was sitting out in the yard yesterday evening with Mali when I looked up to see that the lone white cloud in the evening sky had a rainbow contained within it. I've read about these somewhere before, and I know that they have a proper name, but such eludes me for the time being - I think the effect itself is something to do with the sunlight being refracted by suspended ice crystals within the cloud, but could be wrong...

I heard the news about Michael Jackson from Chester's owner (Chester being one of the local dogs, getting on a bit now, but very friendly): very sad news :-(

I managed to solve the curiosity of the blank Windows 7 screen - I managed to log in, sight unseen, to scarlett, and discovered (eventually) that the reason I couldn't see anything was that 7 had 'detected' two monitors - a neat trick, since I've only got the one - and, moreover, had set the physical, real-world monitor as subsidiary to the wholly fictional primary device (which, natch, was the one displaying the log-in screen and welcome message). However, I had stern words with Control Panel, and it's promised to behave itself henceforth.

Except for the sound part, which is still proving irksome (or would be, if it existed - there's a philosophical question for you - can something be a problem if it doesn't exist?? :-P)

Work has been insanely busy, hence the evening update. I do prefer writing entries in the mornings, even if you'd think it'd be easier to post about the day that's just happened.


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