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The Galactic Watercooler Podcast is a new one I'm trying that I picked up via the Podcast Awards site, as I'm trying to branch out from my monoculture.

It's basically three geeks (two guys, one girl) talking about Sci-Fi/fantasy kinda stuff. To be honest, 1½ episodes in (199 and 201, because 200 was a retrospective 'best of' that I decided to skip), I'm not wholly convinced of the hosts' credentials (they couldn't remember which was Merry and which was Pippin), and they unreservedly love everything about Avatar, but I'm giving it a whirl nonetheless, to see how it fares over the longer term.
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I started my re-read of The Reality Dysfunction yesterday - it must be at least 12 years since I first read it, so I'd forgotten lots, but OTOH am slightly reassured that other aspects were more or less as I remembered.

Joshua 'Lagrange' Calvert is still something of a Gary-Stu, though...

And Ione still rocks.


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