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Having mentioned Edge of Darkness in the previous post, I thought I'd amble over to the Wikipedia entry, where the following sentence struck me:

The series' director, Martin Campbell is filming a remake...

Awesome! The original director, filming a remake. YES!!!

...for release in 2010...

And I don't even have to wait that long for it!!! *bounces*

starring Mel Gibson

WTF??? *ded*
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The Guardian has compiled a list of the top 50 television dramas of all time.

The West Wing is at number 11, The Wire close behind at 14. Somewhat bizarrely, Buffy is there at 22 ('drama'), which makes Battlestar Galactica's inclusion at 25 a little less incongruous.

Given the spread, I'm surprised that Edge of Darkness didn't warrant inclusion, and if they're going to allow Buffy and BSG, you'd have thought that Firefly, however short-lived, might have warranted a mention. And I understand that some people rate Stargate: SG1 as above average, too :-)
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So, I watched the first episode of Flash Forward last night. Given my brain dead state, it seemed appropriate... just loved the shot of the Eiffel Tower in flames - gratuitous disaster, much??? :-P

I've only watched the one ep so far, and it does seem to be trying awfully hard, with a similar 'glossy' feel to that of Heroes. And the script, at times, just makes me want to curl up and die. However, I'm going to persist for a few more episodes to see what I make of it.

Anyway, for UKers, it's possible to catch up on FF via Channel 5's flash-based on-demand service, which has its own Flash Forward section.

TV Poll

Aug. 2nd, 2009 07:06 am
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The Grauniad is asking readers to vote for the best TV show of the decade.

There are some awfully good nominations therein, but in the end I picked The West Wing. I am somewhat surprised, then, to see that Top Gear currently has the lead.

You don't need to register with the Grauniad - presumably they're using cookies or something to keep track of voters - unless you want to join in with the comments.
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Finished Season 2 of Prison Break last night - still enjoying it muchly, although some of the set/camerawork in the Panama sections was a bit on the cheap side, it seemed to me.

Nonetheless, it was a pretty good, if somewhat open-ended (if that's not a contradiction in terms) conclusion - I have S3 on order, and so will shortly discover where things head to next.

There were some bits that were a little too over-convenient - like many TV shows, there's an over-reliance on convenience, and some notable continuity errors.

However, what really made Season 2 worth watching, for me, was T-Bag's character, which was a truly sinister performance.
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Aside from walking Mali (and he has had some extra walks today), I've really done staggeringly little today. I had meant to get out on the bike for another long(ish, for me) ride, but decided against it and cleaned the bathroom instead.

Yay for priorities ;-P

I also finished The Tiger That Isn't, a book on statistics, and their representation in the media, by Michael Blastland and Andrew Dilnot, creators of Radio 4's statistics programme More or Less. An illuminating read, that concentrated more on making statistics relevant and, to use their phrase, 'person-sized'... the most technical part of it was a worked example of understanding false positives and false negatives when it came to medical screening. Good stuff, and eminently readable.

I then moved on to Water: the final resource by William Houston and Robin Griffiths, but didn't make it beyond the first chapter. Reading the closing recommendations suggested that these guys' politics are so far removed from mine that I doubt that I'd have made it through to the end via the traditional route.

So now I'm on Who Won the Oil Wars by Andy Stern, a tome that does itself no favours, in credibility terms, by being published under the category of 'conspiracy books', and where the opening chapter's thread seems to unravel in strange directions. It's not that it doesn't make sense, per se, more than the author's phraseology strikes me as odd. Anyway, ploughing on with that one atm.

Or I would be, if I hadn't been fully sucked into Prison Break S2 :-)

And finally, major fridge stock misunderestimation meant that I only discovered that I didn't have any food in the house once the main shops had closed. Pot Noodle FTW!
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Have just ordered Prison Break S2 off the 'bay.

I bought S1 a while back, on a whim, and really liked it. However, I'd heard conflicting opinions on the later series, so had shelved the idea of following the story any further. But then I lent the DVDs to a work colleague, who got, erm, a little obsessed with the programme (or Wentworth Miller in particular), and she then rented S2, and has been telling me that it's definitely worth seeing. So, she'd better be right...

The other shows I've been following at Castle Fox are Heroes (I've got S1 and S2, but have to wait until October for S3 to come out on DVD) and Battlestar Galactica (Seasons 1-3 watched, I own Razor but haven't watched it yet, and am hoping that they'll release S4 as one box set, rather than the two halves it's currently in).

So. Prison Break, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica. What else is good?


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